The medical side of hgh and the purpose of Zptropin injections

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Growth hormone is a peptide hormone made by the pituitary gland. You also can know it as somatotropin, human growth hormone, hgh.  Zptropin somatotropin is one of the many names of the hormone, which is injected for medical and sports purposes. Human growth hormone is popular among athletes and bodybuilders, but medical uses also occur.

Properties of Somatotropin

Somatotropin consists of almost 200 amino acids. The anterior pituitary gland produces it due to the heart rate results. Its amount in the body can be very different throughout the day. It is mostly produced after 1 to 2 hours of sleep at night. Natural hgh levels are determined by age, gender, body composition, presence of exercise, proper nutrition, and sleep.

Hgh regulates many functions in the human body. It is possible through growth factors (IGF-1) related to liver everyday activities. Growth hormone also has effects independent of IGF. Some of the effects are even radically other than the effects of IGF, e.g. effect on blood glucose levels. The independent anabolic effects of growth hormone are not entirely clear. The effect is only possible in the presence of IGF-1.

Growth hormone has a multipurpose effect on metabolism. Human growth hormone is an anabolic hormone that increases the transport of certain amino acids into cells, improves protein synthesis, and leads to increased fat metabolism and fluid balance in the human body. Hgh related to the effects of testosterone and anabolic steroids, leading to a highly needed for athletes’ effect of strong muscle growth.

How hgh injections are made

All drugs you can find on the market are produced using recombinant DNA technology. The sale of human growth hormone from dead human bodies is strictly forbidden, but it used to happen a long time ago. Even a fake drug is more likely to turn out to be empty than to have such an origin. But it is quite possible, but it is too expensive. Also, it leads to new strong problems for the user in the distant future. In any case, you should only use the drug if you have a proven seller.

Somatotropin is found in dry and liquid form. For example, Zptropin powder is a powder for dilution. It should be diluted with the liquid in the kit. If it is not available, you can find the necessary saline solution at the pharmacy. Zptropin liquid is immediately ready to use.

Medical Uses

Hgh is used to treat children with growth disturbances caused by insufficient secretion of natural-type hormone of this kind. Often growth hormone is used to treat adults with severe growth hormone deficiencies.

The condition of patients who receive it should be closely checked all the time, in particular, thyroid function indicators and examinations to be ready for possible glucose tolerance disorder. It is recommended to check and change the dose every six months if needed.

Hgh dosage for medical use cases

The dose of growth hormone in medicine depends on the disease and its severity. Growth hormone deficiency in adults is treated with no more 1/3 milligrams (about 0.5-1 units). For long-term treatment, the recommended dose is no more than 1-1.5 milligrams per day (3-4 units). The average dose used to treat adults is 2/3 milligrams per day (about 2 units).


People can buy Zptropin not just for hgh bodybuilding purposes. The use of such drugs goes far beyond sports. Even for athletes, it is important to know information about growth hormone in a multifaceted way to be able to account for its use and to set sporting goals.