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Reviews of a product or service are one of the most important criteria for quality and efficiency. Unless, of course, they are fabricated by those who are interested in selling this product or service.

In this article, we will accumulate all the reviews we come across about growth hormone, and if possible - diverse: amateurs, scientists, coaches and professional athletes. So we will form a more or less objective picture of the effectiveness and problems associated with the use of growth hormone in bodybuilding.

Ali Amini is one of the supporters of hormone therapy in bodybuilding; many modern bodybuilders trust him to prepare for competitions. His review of the effectiveness of growth hormone as a drug for stimulating muscle growth is interesting. To your attention, some fragments from an interview with him published on bodybuilding.com . "Growth hormone is used in the world of professional bodybuilding because of its ability to burn fat, increase muscle mass, reduce recovery time, strengthen joints and ligaments, heal damaged muscle tissue. It was and remains extremely popular in the world of professional bodybuilding, especially today, when it is more affordable, the cost is much lower than in the 1990s. It is really effective when taken in the right doses and at the right time, but it is not a critical component of the overall training program."

The following remarkable review about the effectiveness, possible side effects of the use of growth hormone is given by the popular online publication The Guardian. The journalists interviewed several experts from various fields (a doctor, a bestselling author, a criminologist), one way or another related to the use of growth hormone.

The first is a review by the physician Michael Graham, senior lecturer in substance abuse at Newman University College in Birmingham: "Growth hormone has numerous therapeutic benefits. At the Harley Street Private Clinic, it is prescribed privately to elderly people as a means of combating aging. But it is also effective in building muscle mass and fat burning, preventing the conversion of carbohydrates into fat.

My own research suggests that human growth hormone allows you to stimulate the growth of muscle mass of athletes on steroids who have reached a plateau in weight gain. It also increases the growth of cartilage and their recovery, there is no doubt that it increases the healing rate.

Growth hormone makes the process of synthesizing muscle protein from food nutrients more efficient, while preventing the formation of fat. It is as strong in stimulating protein synthesis as testosterone.

Growth hormone stimulates the use of calories that we eat with food for the synthesis of muscle protein and prevents them from being stored in fat stores, as has been shown in animal experiments. It is as strong in building muscle as testosterone.

HGH deficiency manifests itself in low muscle mass, a large mass of fat, especially on the abdomen: the higher the natural level of growth hormone in the body, the more muscle mass a person has."