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OneQ (White) 5 Vial: effects and impacts

There are a lot of drugs from the modern market that help athletes improve their body. For the best result, you must choose a quality and reliable product. Growth hormone comes to the rescue, because it quite similar to the properties of the natural one. One of the worthiest products is OneQ White for athletes. Despite the fact that that the alternate version of the natural hormone is a quite new product, it is in great demand worldwide as a reliable means for high-quality growth of fast-acting muscle mass. It is worthwhile to learn about the OneQ White effects in more detail, including the information about the characteristics of the body effects, in order to result you need as soon as possible.

Hormone description

OneQ White is a safe product that affects the cells gently and stimulates its growth. Growth hormone is injected locally, affecting the entire body. Essentially, the injection increases the number of cells responsible for tissue growth. Regular use of the drug provides a qualitative muscle mass increase.

The impact occurs due to the influence of active substances on receptors located inside and on the surface of the cell. Composition is totally natural, so there’s no chances for side effects if the dosage and rules for using it are correct, of course.


Development of OneQ White in sports was lasting for many years. Finally, the experts managed to create a unique tool for muscle growth. In addition to its basic target, the drug has other advantages.

The other reasons to buy OneQ White are:

  • protein synthesis acceleration;
  • decreasing appetite by regulating the consumption of proteins, fats and carbohydrates;
  • increasing lipolysis;
  • protein breakdown is prevented;
  • the composition that also includes collagen structures, has a beneficial effect on the healing of wounds and injuries;
  • anti-aging effect;
  • stimulating the growth both of muscle tissue and body cells;
  • increasing bone mineralization;
  • strengthening the immune system.

Protein structures helps to recover musculoskeletal system, reducing pain in the joints. Thanks to this property, a lot of professional bodybuilders and powerlifters decide to order OneQ White.

Recommendations for use

The active components of the drug affect cells relatively slowly. However, the course of its use is completely safe for the athlete due to this fact. The time of use the product is up to 12 weeks. During the regular use of the drug for the whole period, the athlete will experience all of the above properties. So, he or she will achieve best results in the shortest possible time.

Depending on the OneQ White use purpose, the dosage may vary. To grow muscle mass, 4 units of the drug are used per day (two doses in each half of the day), and to accelerate the healing of injuries received during training, 10 units of the drug are needed per day (five units in the morning and evening). The ability to synthesize the hormone in the female body is much higher, so the dosage should be significantly lower than 4-8 IU per day. It is better to consult a specialist about the dosage in every individual case.

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