How to inject Melanotan 2 properly

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Melanotan 2 injections are perhaps the best solution for getting a beautiful and even tan today. However, if you want to achieve the perfect result, then it is important to understand the specifics of the procedure. Let's find out all about how to prepare for injections of this drug after finding tanning injections for sale and how to do it safely.

What do you need basically

  • Peptide Melanotan 2 powder for injection.
  • Water to dilute the powder. An alternative option is lidocaine, which freezes the injection site and relieves pain. Please note that not everyone tolerates this pain reliever well.
  • Insulin syringes U-100, U-50, U-40.
  • Standard syringe 2 ml for drug dilution.

How to properly dilute Melanotan 2 and how to prepare for injection

  • Take a vial with the drug and a 2 ml syringe.
  • Remove the special protective cover.
  • Draw 2 ml of water into the syringe.
  • Pierce the rubberized cap on the bottle with a needle.
  • Add all the water inside and the peptide is ready to use.

General formula for taking Melanotan 2

There is a universal dosage regimen for MT2 tanning that is perfect for both men and women. It takes into account the needs of a person to acquire a quick tan in a short time and without risks.

The procedure is divided into 3 stages.

1-3 injections

  • Draw up with an insulin syringe 100-200 µg from the solution obtained above.
  • Tap the syringe as gently as possible with your fingernail or finger to lift air from the syringe up and out.
  • Disinfect the injection site on the skin. It is preferable to do this in the fat fold on the abdomen, by analogy with insulin injections, where Melanotan 2 is absorbed better.
  • Insert the needle at a 45-degree angle under the skin.
  • Introduce the substance into the body slowly and without jerking.
  • Remove the needle and discard the syringe.
  • Visit the solarium after 3rd injections, but not earlier. The reason is that the substance does not yet have time to accumulate in the body in sufficient volume for 1-2 injections.

4-6 injections

  • Repeat the procedure from the previous list, but increase the dose of the drug to 200-300 mcg.
  • After the 6th injection visit a solarium or sunbathe.

7-9 injections

  • Increase the dosage of the drug to 300-400 mcg.
  • Visit the solarium or beach again after 9th injections.

This should be enough for a basic tan, but the procedure can be continued to expand the effect. Subsequent dosages should not exceed a volume of 300-400 mcg of Melanotan 2 per injection.

If you adhere to the rules described above, the procedure will be effective, and the tan will be even and beautiful.