Purpose of Melanotan and Potential Side Effects

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Melanotan is a tanning peptide than provides the skin a natural tan. It is known for providing an even and beautiful bronze tan. Melanotan - 2 is sold as sprays, powder for injections and tablets, acting not as a cosmetic, but as a real alternative to the sun and tanning beds.

But was the drug developed for this? Let's take a look at the purpose of Melanotan and the possible side effects of its use.

Methods of use

Tanning peptide Melanotan-2 was originally intended for medical purposes. Tanning properties have emerged from testing and use. Today, the drug is best known precisely as a tanning agent.

For the treatment of vitiligo

Melanotan enhances the work of melanocytes by interacting with the melanocortin hormone. With vitiligo, the cells that produce melanin are absent in some areas of the skin or their function is greatly reduced. Users of the product with this disease testify to its positive effect on white spots. MT2 has helped many people to achieve partial pigmentation of the affected areas or their complete disappearance. For this you need Melanotan injections for tanning in the usual dosage.

For Tan

The drug stimulates the production of melanin. It makes a rapid and qualitative change in the skin tone. Skin color becomes tanned, attractive, with a persistent chocolate tint. To obtain an even and beautiful tan, it is supposed to take a total course of peptide in an amount of 500 to 1000 micrograms. The substance is injected under the skin using an injection insulin syringe. The duration of admission varies within 15-20 days.

Simultaneously with the course, it is recommended to visit the solarium or the beach. There is no need to make any changes to the usual duration of sunbathing. There is also a nasal spray option that provides a similar effect.

Other effects of Melanotan

During the tests, other effects were identified due to the use of Melanotan-2.

In addition to the tanning injections effect, the drug enhances the body's resistance to direct UV rays.

Melanotan also reduces appetite, which is an additional useful feature for athletes preparing for a competition.

Finally, it is worth considering the effect of increasing libido. However, inappropriate use of the drug can have the opposite effect. Some people may have an increased effect. For example, there is a known cause of a Scottish man who used Melanotan-2 for tanning regularly. Once it gave an effect in the form of a painful erection, which did not disappear during the day. When the doctors studied the problem, they stated the risk of worsening erectile function in the future in this person. Fortunately, in this case, everything worked out. (Today Melanotan is used to treat erection problems.)

However, only the correct use of the drug according to the instructions gives the correct effect. Consider this if you want to achieve only a beautiful and even tan, and not nausea, rash, strong erection, excess freckles to boot, and some other individual side effects.