How to keep Oxytropine at home properly

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The key rule for buying any type of growth hormone is to choose a reliable manufacturer and seller. Only a quality product will bring proper results, but improper delivery and storage conditions on the part of the seller can negate the positive effects. The buyer should also understand how to store Oxytropin (Somatropin or any other Hgh) properly at home. Below we will tell you the basic rules that apply to all types of growth hormone preparations.

Storage temperature

Once you buy Oxytropin, you need to keep the components in a cold place at all times and take them out only when needed. This will help extend the shelf life. Usually we are talking about a range from +2 to +8 degrees Celsius, but read the instructions carefully beforehand.

Important tip: do not put the drug on the shelf of the refrigerator. The storage temperature should not fall below +2 degrees Celsius, and very cold air can be fed into the refrigerator compartment. If the drug over freezes for this reason, it will be unusable for future use. Therefore, store Oxytropin only in the refrigerator door.

Note that Oxytropin in unmixed form can be stored at temperatures up to +25 degrees. You can have peace of mind about the delivery in this case. The strict temperature threshold applies to the ready-to-use mixture (Oxytropin liquid form).

Store activated human growth hormone at temperatures above +8 (but no more than +25) degrees Celsius for no longer than 12 hours. If the preparation is overheated, the liquid will turn cloudy. This is a direct indicator that an injection should not be made.

Storage Period

The storage period is also worth checking in the instructions for use. However, in most cases it is about 2 years. We are talking about inactivated Oxytropin powder. Things become different after diluting the drug with liquid. In that case, the shelf life is reduced to 1-2 weeks and the condition of the liquid in the kit. The shelf life is reduced for extraneous liquids.


Remember that it is also important to avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight on the components of the product. Buy Hgh and use it correctly to get the results you expect!