How to use Genopharm correctly

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Genopharm (somatotropin) is one of the drugs of the hgh category. You should follow a few basic rules of use to achieve the stated effect. In the article, we will tell you in detail how to use growth hormone correctly, and you will be able to use this information on Genopharm course.

How to dilute genopharm powder properly

Everything is clear with Genopharm liquid. You have to follow the instructions on the package. Using the dry form of the drug requires careful preparation, and this information should be known to beginners before their first use.

Usually, Genopharm powder includes water for injection in the kit. If the solvent is offered separately, it should be used. A native approach ensures that the shelf life of the prepared solution from the instructions is up to date.

The solvent should be filled into the syringe, then through the plug slowly along the wall inject into the container with the powder. Do not press the plunger sharply and do not create strong pressure inside. After this, take the container by the top, gently shake (but not too much), and bring the mixture to complete dissolution. The result of the right action is a clear solution without suspended particles. A cloudy solution with undissolved particles should not be used!

The standard solvent can only be replaced by an equivalent. Water for injection from the nearest pharmacy is sufficient.

How to make a growth hormone injection

The growth hormone solution should be injected intramuscularly. The volume of liquid in the syringe should be small. Thin-needle syringes should be used for the task. Insulin syringes are the best option. The drug is injected slowly into the fatty folds on the abdomen, buttocks, or arms. Change the place where the drug is injected all the time. Otherwise, you may cause a local fat-burning effect.

Human growth hormone dosage

Doses of growth hormones are increased gradually during the course. The process is carried out with constant control of the blood sugar level. One bottle usually contains 10 units, while for beginners 3-5 units of growth hormone a day will be enough. This is the reason why you have to store the opened vials and do it properly to avoid spoiling the drug.

If there are severe side effects, the dosage should be gradually reduced to a safe level. If the problem persists even with low doses of the drug, you should stop taking Genopharm and/or see your doctor.

The limit daily dose for professional athletes can be as high as 12 units, while 5 units are enough for domestic body rejuvenation purposes.

Genofarm quality control

How do you know if a drug is tainted (or not) or if you are taking something useless? Get a blood test for insulin-like growth factors. Take care to have a control test before you start taking Genopharm. You will also need a blood test when you reach the maximum daily dose you need.

Usually, a working growth hormone product at a dose of 4-5 units a day will raise your IGF-I score by 2 standard deviations from your baseline (average) level. The analysis should be done during first four hours after a growth hormone injection. If there is a rise in IGF-I, the drug is working. If there is no rise or it is not significant, the drug is spoiled or expired.

A glucose meter can be used to check the drug in the home. If your blood sugar level is higher than your normal level, the drug is having an effect.


Also, how long should you take Genopfarm to get the desired effect? The minimum effective course of growth hormone is about two months. If you follow the rules described above, you will achieve the desired result. Check the manufacturer's instructions for the individual peculiarities of taking the drug of a particular manufacturer.