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According to the reviews of experienced athletes who professionally perform in power sports (including bodybuilding), HGH has a pronounced fat-burning and anabolic effect.

The principle of action is the impulse catabolism of the metabolic process, including increased protein synthesis and hyperplasia of muscle fibers.

In addition to the anabolic properties, the drug has a fat-burning effect. When used, it is the muscle mass that increases along with the simultaneous burning of a large amount of adipose tissue.

Androgenic and anabolic drugs used in bodybuilding also significantly accelerate muscle growth. However, after the cancellation of their use, a kind of "rollback" often occurs, in which there is a decrease in muscle mass. After the end of the course of HGH, no such consequences have been established.

Thanks to the use of HGH, the synthesis of the necessary protein is accelerated, important trace elements - potassium, phosphorus and sodium are delayed. Plus, the cholesterol level of athletes comes to a normal level.

It should be noted the important effect of synthesized somatropin on the processes of tissue regeneration, including bone. This allows athletes to increase their strength, reducing the risk of injury during power loads.

It is impossible to ignore such an important effect of product on the human body as the acceleration of fat burning. As practice has shown, the fat-burning effect was appreciated not only by professional athletes, but also by ordinary people who want to keep their figure in excellent shape.

Reviews of professional performing bodybuilders are dominated by positive characteristics and high effectiveness of biological growth hormone.

It is important to take into account the fact that the effect of the drug does not begin immediately after injection. Athletes note a different period of the beginning of its action - from one to three weeks. The characteristic sensations at the beginning of the effect of somatotropin on the body are pain in the joints, the characteristic visual appearance of veins on the hands.

After the course of admission, visual changes of the body are most noticeable: the "correct" muscle structure increases, the volume of fibers increases. The growth of power indicators is noticeable. Experienced bodybuilders claim that the weight when doing a barbell press from the chest increases by about 10 percent. If earlier the working weight was from 180 kilograms, then after the course some athletes showed a result of 200 kilograms in the working range. There is a strengthening of cartilage tissues (many inexperienced users write about pain in the joints as a negative effect on connective tissues - this is an erroneous opinion). The standard dosage of HGH is 5-10 IU per day.

Growth hormone is quite popular among professionals and sports enthusiasts today. However, recently, more and more people have begun to talk about side effects and the dangers of using this drug, while the information is quite contradictory. IN THE MAJORITY experts consider growth hormone to be one of the most effective means for prolonging not only “simple” life, but sport life generally.