Growth hormone myths and how it really works

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Human growth hormone (Hgh) is produced in the body. It ensures uniform body development and growth. In the past, they learned how to synthesize growth hormone and use it for additional stimulation of the body. As a drug, it has a medicinal purpose.

Use by athletes is penalized but not always precisely regulated. Bodybuilders use growth hormone to improve the body. Another value is the accelerated recovery of the body from injuries. Several stereotypes have emerged around this popular and ubiquitous substance that is best debunked before use. This will help you understand whether growth hormone is actually needed in individual cases and what to expect from its use in reality.

Myths and when side effects are possible

It is believed that somatropin (growth hormone) harms the human body in principle. Several basic stereotypes are prevalent among athletes without concrete evidence.

First, people are afraid of the risk of cancer. It is impossible to prove a direct relationship between the drug and the risks, and there are no explicit statistics. It is known that some bodybuilders who have recovered from cancer in the past, in consultation with doctors, successfully take growth hormone.


The second "fear" is talking about impotence. “Somatropin provides an athlete a positive physical result, but you are left without male power in return.” Everything is very simple and unreasonable in this statement. In practice, a course of somatropin causes an increase in sexual desire due to an increased level of testosterone in the body. Where such stereotypes come from is unknown.

The list can be continued, but the message is the same (the risk of certain diseases increases). Somatropin is harmful if used incorrectly, and this is a fact. The athlete should take into account the rules for taking the drug to protect himself from side effects. It is important to find and use a licensed and safe growth hormone.

What is important to consider when taking the drug?

  1. Chose the dose correctly. If you use more than necessary, then it is really harmful to the body. If you do not know how to do this, then consult with experts.
  2. The second reason for the side effects and health problems is the wrong timing. The course is calculated individually according to the situation and should not be longer than the allowable one.
  3. Wrong combination with other drugs makes itself felt.

That is, negative feedback about growth hormone comes from misuse. The right approach gives a positive result. Attention to detail is everything.

There is a problem of unjustified expectations. growth hormone is credited with properties that it does not have or does not provide in the described measure. People are being led by these tricks of unscrupulous marketers and are bitterly disappointed. We note right away: synthetic growth hormone does not burn fat by itself. A beautiful body is possible only with regular and hard work in the gym, as well as proper and healthy nutrition.

In bodybuilding, somatropin is useless on its own, and should not be taken as a decisive means of achieving positive results, muscle growth. Hgh bodybuilding use should be a part of complex courses of drugs and, again, works with regular training, nutrition, and daily regimen.

The real positive effect of somatropin’s correct use

The medicinal purpose of synthetic growth hormone is to stimulate tissue growth for people whose body can’t do this is a normal way. Primarily it strengthens muscles, bones, and joints. Also, the drug raises the level of testosterone production, and the immune system is strengthened concomitantly. The body rejuvenates when taken correctly. If a healthy person (athlete) introduces such stimulation into the body wisely, then it becomes more resilient and more resistant to the likelihood of injury.

In parallel, it is worth establishing a diet. The balance of nutrients that enter the body will help you lose fat better during exercise and get high-quality muscle mass.

Growth hormone shots require careful handling. Remember: take somatropin according to the rules and as an element of the general complex created by an expert. Only this way benefits the athlete and the negative effects of somatropin will not make sense.