HGH for women. Functions. Dosages

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Growth hormone in women is very popular. Representatives of the fair sex use it for the purpose of losing weight, increasing overall tone, improving athletic shape and even for rejuvenation.

Proper and reasonable use of growth hormone allows you to achieve excellent results without negative consequences and harm to health.


What is Growth Hormone?

Growth hormone, or as it is also called somatotropin, belongs to the category of polypeptide hormones. This substance is an integral part of the human body. It affects the growth processes of muscle and bone structure, strengthens ligaments, tendons, and other connective tissue. Its fundamental purpose is considered to be the ability to increase the linear growth of bones, which leads to an increase in the overall height of a person in height, up to as long as the epiphyses are open. There are also synthetic versions of the hormone, specially created to solve the problems of insufficient production of their own somatotropin, treatment of dwarfism, and other growth delays.


Growth hormone is characterized by the presence of the following properties:


  • stimulation of protein synthesis and muscle tissue growth;
  • activation of lipolysis processes (fat-burning processes);
  • restoration of bone, structural, connective tissues (including ligaments, tendons);
  • acceleration of the healing of mechanical damage;
  • activation of collagen synthesis, anti-aging properties;
  • increasing the endurance of the body


For the fair sex, the competent use of growth hormone allows you to lose weight, get rid of cellulite deposits, improve the condition of the skin, making them more elastic and elastic, transform the appearance and well-being.

Somatotropin has a general tonic effect, gives a surge of strength and energy, promotes accelerated recovery and healing of injuries. Girls ' growth hormone is also used during sports training for a better set of muscle mass, the formation of a beautiful relief. Somatotropin allows you to tone up even the most sluggish, difficult to correct muscle groups, for example, the gluteal muscles.

Representatives of the weaker sex especially appreciate growth hormone for its fat-burning effect. The drug allows you to quickly get rid of the fat layer in the abdomen, knees, thighs. Such a result is difficult to achieve with the help of diet and exercise!

This substance improves mood, the quality of night sleep, increases the indicators of physical endurance. Stimulating the processes of collagen production, growth hormone has a magical effect on the skin. The skin is smoothed, becomes elastic and acquires a colorful appearance, the complexion improves, wrinkles and signs of aging disappear.

In addition, growth hormone helps restore the natural color of hair, making it more saturated and bright. Hair grows faster and looks more attractive, as well as brittleness disappears. Proper use of growth hormone prolongs youth, allowing a woman to be healthier, athletic, energetic and attractive!


Optimal dosages of growth hormone for women depend on individual characteristics and goals. To increase muscle mass, it is recommended to administer the drug daily in an amount of 5 units. In some cases, the daily dose can be increased to 10 units / day, but for girls this is already considered a very large dosage, since their natural level of growth hormone is already higher than male, and their body weight is less, which means that less active substance is needed. The above regime certainly applies to amateur sports, in professional bodybuilding dosages can reach up to 20-30 units/day. Injections are recommended to be made in the morning, when the blood sugar level is at a low level. The optimal duration of the course is 2-3 months, a maximum of half a year.

Application safety

Practice shows that the use of original growth hormone preparations, subject to the recommendations of a specialist — is absolutely safe. Users note an improvement in the general condition on the course, a surge of strength, energy, the absence of any undesirable reactions.

In order for the use of growth hormone to really strengthen health and improve appearance, the drugs should be used strictly in dosages prescribed by a specialist. It is important that the first course is conducted under the guidance of the attending physician. The endocrinologist should exclude the presence of possible contraindications and calculate the dosage that will be effective and safe for you

It is absolutely contraindicated to arbitrarily increase the dose of growth