How Growth Hormone helps to burn fat deposits

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Somatotropin is attached to the receptors of adipose tissue, due to which it mobilizes fats and supports the processes of lipolysis (burning of excess fat). As a result, the percentage of adipose tissue in the body decreases.


This effect of growth hormone is based on a complex mechanism of the breakdown of fatty acids in adipocytes. It occurs due to the enzyme lipase. The more active it is, the more intensively fats are burned.


Lipase is affected by 2 hormones: insulin and adrenaline. Insulin suppresses the production of lipase, and adrenaline, on the contrary, increases it. Adrenaline is produced during sports, due to which the effect of fat burning from physical exertion is provided. At the same time, growth hormone, like adrenaline, is also produced during physical exertion and hunger.


From this it becomes clear that in order to further enhance fat burning, it is necessary to influence insulin, forcing the body to produce it in smaller quantities. This explains the use of growth hormone for weight loss. Somatotropin reduces the level of insulin in the blood, thereby increasing fat burning.

How to take Growth Hormone for Fat burning

With regard to growth hormone, it is more correct to say how to use it correctly, since it is used in the form of a course of injections. For this purpose, two injectable forms of the drug are produced: liquid and powder. The latter must first be diluted with saline solution. The liquid form is already ready for use, so it can be immediately typed into the syringe.

The preparations contain recombinant growth hormone, which in terms of amino acid content completely coincides with human somatotropin, which is produced by the pituitary gland.

It is better to increase the dosage of somatotropin gradually. The following scheme is effective for men:

  • The first 4 weeks – 4 meals a day (2 meals in the morning and 2 meals in the evening).
  • The fifth and sixth weeks – 5 units per day (2.5 units 2 times).
  • The seventh and eighth weeks – 6 units per day (3 units 2 times).
  • The ninth and tenth weeks – 8 units (4 units 2 times).

Then, until the end of the course, you can reduce the dose in reverse order. This will allow you to safely and gently cancel the drug.

The dosage of growth hormone for women for weight loss should be 2 times lower, and the scheme of gradual increase in the dose is similar to the scheme for men. And it is necessary to divide it into 2 injections per day.

Other important application rules:

  • For the best effect, the injection should be done on an empty stomach. Optimal: in the morning and in the evening, dividing the dose in half. This is due to the fact that in the evening, exogenous (coming from outside) growth hormone has a higher bioavailability. The best option is 2 meals in the morning and 2 meals in the evening (1 hour before meals).
  • To strengthen the mobilization of fats after the morning injection, strength or aerobic (cardio) training will be useful.
  • The duration of the growth hormone course for drying for men and women should be 60-90 days. The rest from the drug should last as long as the course, so that the body restores sensitivity to somatotropin, which gradually decreases.
  • During the course, you need to adhere to a strict diet to maintain a low blood sugar level.
  • The injection should be done immediately after dilution. The diluted drug is stored for no longer than 72 hours, it can not be frozen.
  • A drug that has not been used for 72 hours must be disposed of.