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What is Cabergoline for athletes and how to use it correctly

Cabergoline is a substance that inhibits prolactin production. It helps to normalize hormonal levels, that can be changed in athlete’s body due to regular training and steroid use. The drug entered the US market in the 1980s. Cabergoline immediately became the sales leader among sports drugs, and the one of the main reasons: Cabergoline cheap.

Why do you need Cabergoline

As mentioned above, the drug suppresses excess prolactin hormone. This is a hormone that has a direct effect on the ability to reproduce. The increased content of prolactin in men negatively affects his sex life and can even cause infertility. Similarly, negative consequences can become psychological problems, which can provoke apathy.

For women, the effect of the hormone is almost the same, since it affects fertility or lactation. However, do not forget that prolactin is a female hormone and it is necessary for the normal functioning of a large number of processes in the body.

For males, this hormone is absolutely not needed and its increased content for a bodybuilder can be a serious problem, since lethargy and bad mood are often present, there is no will to win during training or competition. And as you know, the internal state is very important for success in bodybuilding, however, as in most other areas of human life.

How does Cabergoline work? The drug activates D2 receptors located on the lactotrophic cells of the pituitary gland. Excitation of dopamine receptors in this zone reduces the secretory function of prolactin-producing cells. It also interacts with many other receptors, which has a positive effect on many aspects of human life.

There are several natural reasons to suppress prolactin production. These are diseases of the pituitary gland and hypothalamus, thyroid problems, kidney and liver diseases, frequent stresses and something else. Among bodybuilders, the cause of such problems, in most cases, is the illiterate use of steroids. Particular attention should be paid when taking Nandrolone, Trenbolone, Oxymetholone, Boldenone and other progestins. Cabergoline for athletes is strongly recommended while its use.

Cabergoline effects

Cabergoline reduces prolactin, which is why it is very important for bodybuilders. In addition, cabergoline stimulates testosterone production, which greatly affects the quality of training.

Taking this substance guarantees the following effects:

  • a person becomes more able-bodied and hardy;
  • improving the emotional state;
  • strengthening the immune system;
  • improvement in the sexual sphere of life: shortening the time between intercourse, improving sex life and, in relation to men, an increase in the penis and testes.

How to use Cabergoline

Usually Cabergoline in sports is used in parallel with progestins to control hormone production "here and now." The optimal dosage in this case is 0.25 milligrams once every 4 days (or in 2 days in some cases). In addition, in such a situation, the remedy helps to relieve swelling from the muscles and face, the fluid retention in the tissues is significantly reduced, which increases the growth of dry muscles.

The drug can be used not in parallel with taking progestins. This ensures improved quality of life and results after completing the course. In this case, the dosage should be 0.5 milligrams once every 10 days.

Some athletes want to improve their performance without resorting to AAC. The drug can help them too. However, it should be borne in mind that for these purposes it is necessary to significantly reduce the dosage.

In the process of taking Cabergoline, it is important:

  • dosage must be observed;
  • take clearly by the clock;
  • seek help from specialists with the slightest side effects;
  • strictly adhere to the instructions and do not miss taking the drug.

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