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Gonadotropin SP Labs is a drug with anabolic and androgenic effects of the non-steroidal group.

The drug was created to increase the level of gonadotropic hormones in an effective way. The physiological function of these hormones is to regulate the functioning of the sex glands. As a result, the concentration of testosterone in the body increases during its regular intake. Gonadotropin SP Labs in sports is widely used. And more, it is known as the main component of a lot heavy courses. However, it does not belong to the anabolic category, have no dangerous side effects, and does not require a "rollback".

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Description and effects of use

Experts note the multiple Gonadotropin SP Labs effect in the field of anabolic and androgenic activity. Moreover, the drug is deservedly considered one of the safest on the sports nutrition market. The active substance is called chorionic gonadotropin (hCG or hCG). It is also used as an indicator of pregnancy. It is produced by the chorion after the fertilization of the egg. The hormone is produced by the placenta. It is obtained by synthesizing (splitting and extracting the necessary components) of the urine of pregnant women.

The hormone has the properties of Luteinizing hormone produced in the anterior pituitary gland, but it is characterized by a more pronounced effect, especially with a long half-life.

Human Gonadotropin SP Labs is recommended for female athletes to stimulate ovulation process and improving the synthesis of estrogen and progesterone. With it, the male sex steroids are actively produced (estradiol, dihydrotestosterone, 17OH-progesterone and others).

The drug is actively used with a steroid course and also helps athletes in some other ways.


  • reduces side effects;
  • increases power performance;
  • improves relief;
  • increases activity.

It is recommended to take the drug as an additional tool in a strict accordance with rules of use and dosage. The pharmacological form of the drug is 5000 units per 1 ml in injections.

Gonadotropin rules of taking and other recommendations

The drug is used together with the supplied solvent. The mixed composition should must be entered immediately. The storage of the ready-to-use mix is strictly prohibited.

  1. The standard way for a steroid cycle is as follows: 3 injections of 1500 IU, 1 time in 4 days. One course in every three months is required.
  2. 5 injections of 1000 IU at similar intervals (see the info in the first paragraph).
  3. 1 injection of 1000-1500 IU is injected 1 time in 7 days, for 3 weeks (with a break for the 4th).

Important: the dosage and Gonadotropin therapy plan should be calculated individually, taking into account the physiological characteristics of the body. Therefore, before taking the drug, be sure to consult with a doctor.

Reasonable price and no risks when buying

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