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Clomed 50 Mg is a potent testosterone booster

Clomid is a non-steroidal antiestrogen. It is often used by athletes looking to improve personal training performance. Also, its use is good to eliminate the side effects related to the partial conversion of steroids into estrogen. Clomed 50 Mg is also worth buying for bodybuilders to stimulate internal testosterone replenishment.

Clomed 50 Mg purpose and features

It is interesting to note that Clomed 50 Mg in sports was used in 1970 for the first time. It is known as indispensable drug for athletes who have been taking steroids for a certain period of time. Steroids use leads to decrease in testosterone production. The reason is in the body. It can’t produce the hormone itself during the time it received in a large doses from the outside. That is, the body no longer needs its production. Pituitary, hypothalamus and ovaries become less active.

However, the rate of slowing down of the functioning of its own glands depends on the intake of prolactin, estradiol and progesterone. When the volume of one of them exceeds the norm, the activity of the endocrine glands will be inhibited even more. Bodybuilders should notice it to be ready to return testosterone levels to normal as soon as possible. In this case, Clomed comes to the rescue.

This drug affects the production of luteinizing and follicle-stimulating hormones. Clomed also binds to estrogen receptors. While the first days of its use, the levels of the hormones mentioned above increase significantly. Testosterone level begins to grow along with them.

Clomed 50 Mg effect range contains:

  • decreasing in the concentration of female hormones;
  • improving the quality of semen;
  • increasing bone density;
  • accelerating production of male hormone;
  • blocking of estrogen receptors in the hypothalamus and pituitary gland.

Athletes also note that Clomed also increases sex drive.

Recommendations for use

Testosterone levels return to normal after 2 weeks of its use almost always. However, the duration of the course depends on the individual characteristics of the organism and the volume of steroids used. In individual cases, bodybuilders can use it up to 30 days to normalize the situation.

Clomed 50 Mg for athletes during the steroid cycle will protect person against estrogenic side effects. In this case, it is better to take only one tablet per day. After a heavy course of steroids, the dosage should be increased to 100 mg. That is, you need to take 2 tablets per day for 15 days. Further, the athlete should reduce the dosage to 50 mg / 1 tablet per day for another 15 days.

Please note that there is a common requirement for using Clomid. It looks like this:

  • 1 and 2 weeks: 100-150 mg per day;
  • 3 and 4: 50-100 mg per day;
  • 5 and 6: 50 mg per day.

Using the drug on PCT should last 4-6 days of everyday intake.

Possible side effects include headache, nausea, and a high rise in body temperature. In this case, it is better to refuse further use of it. Side effects occur due to the incorrect use of the drug in most cases.

Tips for the buyer on how to buy Clomed cheap

Clomed 50 Mg online store request for ordering is a possible option via our store. The main thing is to beware of counterfeits. In this case, it is better to purchase the drug by official suppliers. Clomed 50 Mg price ranges from 1100-1300 RUB. Clomed is considered a relatively safe anti-estrogen in bodybuilding. Lots of athletes note the greater effectiveness of the drug in comparison with similar solutions.

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