What is Cabergolin and when is better to use the drug Dostinex

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When athletes use anabolic steroids, the probability of hormonal disorders is huge. They can get depression, self-doubt, decreased sexual desire, premature ejaculation, gynecomastia. One of the reasons is the increased level of the prolactin. This is a hormone produced by the anterior pituitary gland. Cabergolin is used to reduce it. It is a substance and drug that was developed in the United States in the 1980s.

Cabergolin effects

Cabergolin increases libido, improves sexual function, reduces recovery time between sexual intercourse. It also lowers blood pressure, and people with relevant problems need to be careful.

Cabergolin uses improves the condition greatly after taking steroids such as Trenbolone, Nandrolone. The drug also removes excess fluid from the body, which has a positive effect on dry muscle mass. The effect of Cabergolin is based on the activation of D2 receptors, which reduces the function of prolactin-producing cells.

Dostinex features

Today, several drugs are available on the market that contain the active substance Cabergolin: Agalatex, Alactin, Bergolak, Cabaser and so on. One of the most popular and well-known names on this list, which is considered very effective, is Dostinex. What is it and when should it be used for athletes?

Dostinex is suitable for experienced athletes. The fact is that professional athletes use more powerful drugs, and they need appropriate post-course therapy to recover. Beginners are recommended to take weaker drugs. As a consequence, the specifics of post-course therapy are different.

Dostinex is suitable for counteracting particularly powerful dosages used by experienced athletes. Bodybuilders actively praise the properties of the drug, and this is said by those who load their body in training, actively use Nandrolone, Trenbolone and other powerful drugs with a high probability of unpleasant and even dangerous side effects.

How to take Dostinex correctly

The dosage when taken in conjunction with steroids may vary depending on the individual characteristics of the athlete's body. It is best to plan a course based on the recommendations of specialists, because, for example, the way of use is associated with the amount of natural prolactin in the body, and this figure is individual. Its normal level corresponds to 0.25 mg of the drug, should be used every four days. Elevated prolactin levels require taking every two days until the hormone stabilizes. When the level reaches a normal value, it is enough to take once every four days.

Dostinex may be suitable for athletes who do not use drugs with progestin activity. The dosage is as follows: 0.5 mg of the drug every 10 days. This dosage option must be proposed by a doctor. The fact is that insomnia and decreased immunity are possible.

As post-course therapy Dostinex should be taken once every 7 days for 0.25 mg.

If everything is done correctly, the athlete will avoid of the accompanying problems and will keep the body healthy. Lots of athletes around the world approved Cabergolin, Dostinex: UK, the United States, Western Europe and other.